The Concept

Drumming Patterns is a book that presents, for the first time, the system underlying rhythm and drum technique.

The system’s foundation is the discovery that there exists a single, specific, universal group of patterns that underlie both the most fundamental techniques and the most fundamental rhythms used by drummers in all cultures and throughout history. These patterns are:

  • Few in number
  • Can be arranged in a natural sequence from short to long, more useful to less useful
  • In the form of sticking patterns, can be logically and systematically embellished with all manner of additional techniques (flams, accents, open and closed rolls, etc.)
  • In the form of rhythmic patterns, can be applied to all manner of musical styles performed on the drum set

When arranged by length and applied to both drumming techniques and rhythmic styles, these patterns form a logical system that integrates and unifies all of the techniques and rhythms that are the foundation of the drummer's art. Understanding this system makes possible, for the first time in history, a fully integrated understanding and mastery of drum technique and rhythm.

A diagram of the basic patterns underlying the Drumming Patterns system.
(Underlying Patterns)
Stick Control: A diagram of the basic sticking patterns underlying the Drumming Patterns system.
The Components Of Drum Technique
A diagram of the basic patterns underlying the Drumming Patterns system.
(Underlying Patterns)
A diagram of the basic rhythmic patterns underlying the Drumming Patterns system.
The Components Of Rhythm
The illustration above represents 8 of the 29 fundamental patterns underlying rhythm and drum technique that are the foundation of the Drumming Patterns system.
“The approach is broad based, integrating rhythm, styles and techniques into a unified, comprehensive system. The commitment, both in time and thought, that Mr. Braman has made to this book will be obvious to anyone who studies its contents. Drumming Patterns is an impressive publication.”
—Percussive Notes
“Drumming Patterns represents something unprecedented: this is the first time that drumming techniques have been presented as a whole and in a systematic manner.”
—Rimshot Magazine
“… a systematic presentation of practice materials that can be used in much the same way that other instrumentalists use scale and arpeggio systems.”
—Kansas Music Review
“An outstanding book for developing stick and limb control.”
—Downbeat Magazine
“Extremely clear and very well notated… the fold-out pages are an excellent idea that works well… the appendixes include a lot of good conceptual ideas on drumming… an excellent book.”
—Modern Drummer
“If you enjoy taking an idea to the nth degree of possibility, check this book out.”
—Rhythm Magazine
“Chuck Braman did a fantastic job with Drumming Patterns, and I heavily recommend this book for everyone who wants to work seriously on the drumset.”
—Rimshot Magazine
“Drumming Patterns explores every area of drumming. This creative, valuable book is for every drummer’s library.”
—Louie Bellson, drummer (Duke Ellington, Count Basie)
“Your wonderful book Drumming Patterns is a great inspiration in my playing and my teaching!”
—Marcio Villa Bahia, drummer (Hermeto Pascoal)
“All drummers, regardless of their level of ability, will profit from studying this book. Drumming Patterns’ unique approach is to be applauded.”
—John Beck, former president of the Percussive Arts Society,
Chairman of Percussion at the Eastman School of Music
“Extremely valuable… shows great insight into the mechanics of drum technique.”
—Jim Chapin, author, “Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer”
“A wonderful resource for stretching the technical and musical imagination!”
—Ed Soph, Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame
“I am currently borrowing Drumming Patterns from my local library, which I find fantastic! I am a beginning drummer who finds this book so accessible and approachable to use. I love the format. It invites the reader, and takes him/her by the hand, carefully and slowly strolling through the concepts. There is no room for confusion. Your book is great!”
—Joanna Tu, Redondo Beach, CA
“Your book is extremely helpful. I highly appreciate the kind of exhaustive analysis that you have taken on here. Do you have any recordings available? I would love to hear what you have been able to unleash with the kind of background you appear to have.”
—James Musser, Lomita, CA
“Drumming Patterns is very thorough, very comprehensive and beautifully produced. I have seen several books on the subject and yours appears to be the best.”
—David Cole, New Carrollton
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Drumming Patterns represents the discovery of a revolutionary concept that will raise your rhythmic understanding and technical ability to its highest level. Learn why:

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Embellishment Patterns
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Roll Patterns
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Drumset Patterns Intro
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Single, Triple Stroke Patterns
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Rock-Funk Patterns
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Jazz Patterns
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Brazilian Patterns
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Non-Independent Patterns
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Solo Patterns
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Appendixes I–IV
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