Drumming Patterns Reviewed in Downbeat

Drumming Patterns Reviewed in Downbeat
Drumming Patterns is a spiral-bound, 176-page textbook that presents a highly-structured system of sticking patterns for hands alone, and hands with feet.

Part I is based on the systematic presentation of all single- and double-stroke patterns with embellishments using flams, accents, buzz strokes, and rolls.

Part II converts these patterns into rhythms and shows how these rhythmic patterns may be applied to drumset styles that use rock/funk, shuffle-rock, jazz, and Brazilian rhythms. With the emphasis on sticking rather than intricate rhythms, the Book could easily be used by someone with limited reading abilities.

Books such as Drumming Patterns and the similar Stick Control Book by George Stone are best used by players with a high degree of self-discipline. Young percussionists often fail to appreciate the value of playing intricate and even simple patterns until they become natural, just as young instrumentalists fail to see the value of playing scales. These types of books are perfect for isolating weaknesses in muscular control.

Graphically, the book is clean-looking, but not very visually stimulating, something especially important for the younger players who would benefit the most from using such a book. Metronome markings are not included and would have helped to give players a goal. These, however, are small weaknesses in an otherwise outstanding book for developing stick and limb control.