Roy Haynes’ accompaniment on “Bloomdido,” 1980s.

A 5-page transcription of Roy Haynes’ accompaniment on Bloomdido from the album “5 Birds And A Monk.”

This LP is a compilation of what seemed to be leftover takes of Charlie Parker tunes culled from various recording dates on the Galaxy record label. It is, unfortunately, out-of-print, but I am including it anyway, as I  found this to be the most useful transcription to me personally back when I was trying to learn and assimilate Roy’s vocabulary. The tempo is in the sweet-spot between swing and straight eights, which is my favorite for Haynes.

In other words, even if you never have the opportunity to hear the original, I think think it would be worthwhile for you to practice this if you are trying to unlock some of the mystery of Haynes.